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I am a corporate attorney with an MBA in finance. I've practiced since 1993. Currently I work for a high-tech company that focuses primarily on intellectual property development, technology licensing and venture capital transactions. In my spare time I am studying several so-called "advantage play" techniques as they relate to sports handicapping. I hope to someday pursue sports handicapping full time. Sportsbook managers, consider yourselves duly warned.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Advice: NFL Season Wins O/U Prices

I've completed my own season wins O/U model for each team in the NFL, complete with estimated win totals and "true" moneyline prices. Of course, they are subject to continual revision and change.

As a courtesy to my readers, if you are thinking about playing a particular season wins price (e.g. Should I play the Steelers Under 10 (-140)?, etc.), post a comment as to what you're thinking about playing, and what prices are being offered, and I'll let you know what I think of it.

I'm hoping to start stepping up the "Advice" posts soon; NFL season is fast-approaching. I will probably post my own season wins selections - and subject them to public grading - later on.


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